Bob Proctor
"If you want to enjoy good health and create wealth, this woman will show you how to do it"

- Bob Proctor Author of  You Were Born Rich and Featured in the movie The Secret
Loral Langemeier
"You won't want to miss Leanne's powerful approach to sharing wealth and wellness wisdom, 
 she's fabulous!"

- Loral Langemeier
Author of The Millionaire Maker Series, Money Expert of Dr Phil and Featured in the movie The Secret
Christa MacLellan "Listening to Leanne is the best choice I've ever made. While I have always had incredible drive, she has given  me the focus, direction and confidence to put in place an action plan. Thanks to Leanne I am exuberant in my daily life because each day I know that I'm living with purpose to be financially free before I'm 30!"
- Christa MacLellan  Founder of
Mindi O'Brien
“Leanne's outgoing personality and positive energy is very contagious....she strives to help others improve 
their overall health and wealth...Leanne is the real deal”

- Mindi O'Brien
  IFBB Professional Fitness Champion
Julie Boyer
“I have learned a great deal from Leanne and value her coaching at the highest level. She is a true leader, who empowers others to step into their greatness”

- Julie Boyer Entrepreneur and 3-time Ironwoman
Tosca Reno
“Discover your own true potential by tapping in to the energy Leanne shares.  
 You can’t help but learn something and become more successful yourself!”

- Tosca Reno  Author, Fitness Model and Star of upcoming TV show The Tosca Series
Tama J. Kieves
“Leanne Grechulk is a powerhouse and a force of grace. She’s dedicated to living a full-out passionate and abundant life and she’s taking everyone with her. We are lucky to have this woman on the planet at this time.”

- Tama J. Kieves  bestselling author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work you Love